Why I Love Mexico … And Why You Will Too

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In three weeks, we will finish the Mexico portion of our trip. We’ve been here for almost six months already, and I know it will be hard to say good-bye. I love Mexico so much! There is a lot about this country that I’m going to miss.

We originally planned to spend four months here. But after just one month, we knew it wasn’t enough. Since we enjoy Mexico so much, four months turned to six, and even now we realize that’s still not enough time to even scratch the surface. There is so much about Mexican culture that we have yet to learn.

This post was updated on May 25, 2020.

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Hanging out on Isla Espiritu Santo (February 2019)

Let go of your misperceptions about Mexico

Despite being a neighboring country, the number of Americans who visit Mexico is almost half that of the number of Mexicans visiting the US. About 10 million Americans visit Mexico each year, while 19 million Mexicans visit the United States on an annual basis. Americans have such a misperception about Mexico.

This country is often unfairly portrayed as poor, dangerous, corrupt. There is some truth to all of this. Compared to the United States, Mexico is not as well off. And drug cartel activity has made some places very dangerous. And sadly, corruption in politics does exist. But this is not the full picture of Mexico.

Our time visiting Mexico with kids has shown us that there is a lot to discover in this country. There is history, there is natural beauty, and there is culture. I love Mexico, and all that it has to offer. It’s a shame that Mexico gets such a bad rap in the US!

Fun at the park in Guadalajara (March 2019)

I love Mexico, and so do my kids

One of the things that we realized right away after being in Mexico with kids is how family-friendly the country is. From what we’ve observed, Mexican culture is very family oriented. The holidays traditions often involve family. And we often see families hanging out together in parks or public areas.

As a family visiting Mexico with kids, traveling around the country is relatively easy. While there are some minor hassles (cars drive pretty fast on the streets, so make sure to hold on to little kids’ hands when walking on busy roads), we haven’t had many issues with having kids in Mexico.

The country, itself is pretty safe for families. You just need to practice a few common sense precautions, so that you can fully enjoy Mexico. Don’t flash around jewelry or valuables. Be aware when walking around at night. And make sure to keep an eye on your kiddos, so that they stay safe.

Hanging out in Mexico City (January 2019)

Why I love Mexico, and why you will too!

There are so many reasons why I love Mexico! My husband and I are already dreaming up plans to come back here after our big trip. We think it’s a great country for families to visit.

You can read about Mexico’s rich culture and history in the Lonely Planet Mexico guide book. The book also has great suggestions of things to do while you’re in Mexico. As for me, here’s a look at some of the reasons why I love Mexico.

Playing at the park in San Miguel de Allende (November 2018)

I love Mexico for its food!

Before we came to Mexico, our exposure to Mexican food was mostly tacos and quesadillas. Since visiting Mexico with kids, we’ve had a chance to dive deeper into Mexican cuisine. We love the variety of dishes you can find (mole, tamales, tlayudas, huaraches) and each region has their own speciality. Food helps us enjoy Mexico, and learn more about the culture of the country.

I love Mexico for its food! Dried corn on a platter, surrounded by Mexican dishes of guacamole, sauteed corn fungus, sauteed squash blossom, mole, and tortilla.
Food from a Mexican cooking class (January 2019)

Music is everywhere!

The music of Mexico is another reason why I love Mexico. Music is everywhere! In Guanajuato, we took a tour of the alleys around Centro with the callejoneadas (singing troubadours!). And in Guadalajara, the home of mariachi music, we were serenaded by a mariachi band. We even have fun watching the Mexican music videos when we’re sitting at the restaurants. Whether it’s romantic Spanish guitars, traditionalmariachi music, or the more modern sounds of reggaeton, we are loving the music of Mexico.

Listening to callejoneados (December 2018)

So many animals to see in nature!

I didn’t expect to see so many animals when I came to Mexico. But now, the animals are one of the reasons why we enjoy Mexico! So far, since coming to Mexico, we have seen butterflies, dolphins, whales, sea turtles, whale sharks, and sea lions. And in their natural environment, to boot! It’s so fun to be around so much wildlife.

I love Mexico because of all the wildlife!
Releasing baby sea turtles (January 2019)

I love Mexico for its beautiful cities

Another reason why I love Mexico is because of the beautiful cities. Whether it’s the natural ocean beauty of Puerto Escondido or Puerto Vallarta, the romantic colonial cities of Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende, or the modern metropolises of Mexico City and Guadalajara, Mexico has no shortage of beautiful cities to explore.

Beautiful cities are why I love Mexico
The beautiful city of Guanajuato (December 2018)

Rich indigenous traditions

During our first few nights visiting Mexico with kids, we came across a group of dancers performing an Aztec ceremony in Mexico City. Since then, we’ve watched many more such dances, tasted traditional Aztec cuisine, and I even participated in a traditional Temezcal (sweat lodge) ceremony. Mexico’s connection to its indigenous roots is strong, and it’s one of the reasons why I love Mexico.

I love Mexico because of the indigenous traditions
Dancers in Mexico City (October 2018)

Getting around is so easy

In the six months we’ve been in Mexico, we’ve visited nine cities in six states. We’ve found it’s pretty easy to get around the country. Cheap local flights make traveling from city to city easy. But the bus system between cities makes travel just as easy. We prefer taking the bus as it allows us to enjoy Mexico through its beautiful scenery. Within the cities, the buses are fairly straightforward. And some cities, like Mexico City, have pretty extensive subway systems.

Riding the subway in Mexico City (January 2019)

Laid back attitude towards life

The final reason why I love Mexico is the general laid back attitude towards life that I feel in the cities. Things move at a slower pace here. And it’s not just because we are traveling. In many cities, the weather is too hot to do much of anything, so the mid-afternoon is usually time for siesta. We love being in a country that actively takes time to rest during the day!

An afternoon on the beach in Puerto Vallarta (April 2019)

Families will definitely enjoy Mexico

While we’re no expert on the country, we do think that families will enjoy Mexico. There is just so much for families to experience here!

I’m making it my personal mission to change people’s perceptions about Mexico. Rather than being a dangerous place, Mexico is actually a fun, beautiful, and amazing country to visit. We think families visiting Mexico with kids will love it here.

Do you agree with my reasons for why I love Mexico? Share with me your thoughts on Mexico in the comments.

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