15 Best Hotels in Bali For Families: A Guide To Family Hotels In Bali

October 29, 2023

The island of Bali in Indonesia is no doubt on many families’ bucket lists. And when it comes to finding the best hotels in Bali for families, the island offers a diverse range of options that cater to both parents and kids alike. We love how many of the family hotels in Bali combine comfort, culture, and fun.

As someone who’s been coming to Bali for decades (my first time was in the 1980’s!) I know that it’s a great travel spot for families. From the bustling streets of Kuta and the cultural heart of Ubud, to the tranquil waters of Amed and the authentic charm of Padang Bai, Bali has no shortage of interesting destinations to experience with kids.

Enjoying our time in Bali (photo credit Astrid Vinje)

Take a look at why we love coming to this island and where you can stay to make your visit memorable and worthwhile.

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My personal recommendations for family friendly Bali resorts

Want the quick and dirty list of best hotels in Bali for families? Here are my top 5 personal favorite family hotels in Bali.

Is Bali good for families?

I’ve been visiting Bali ever since I was a little girl, so you could say I’m somewhat of an expert on Bali. Growing up, my family would visit Bali as part of our family trips to Indonesia to visit my grandparents and relatives in Jakarta. It was a family friendly destination then, and it continues to be a great family friendly destination.

Carrying offerings in Bali (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

Now that I’m a parent, I love taking my kids to Bali because there are so many cultural learning opportunities as well as activities for fun and relaxation. There’s no doubt when someone asks me, “Is Bali good for families?” I always answer with an emphatic, “Yes!”

So now that you know how great Bali is for families, take a look at all the best hotels in Bali for families that I recommend.

My top picks for best Bali hotels for families

One of the things that makes Bali so great for families is that there are plenty of lodging options available for families. While our family personally enjoys staying at Airbnbs (our trips to Bali tend to be much longer than a few days), we also have stayed at many wonderful Bali hotels for families throughout the years.

A view of Blue Lagoon in Bali (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

When it comes to lodging, the options for families range from simple homestays to fancy extravagant villas. We’ve stayed in a $35 a night modest home in Ubud. And we've also pampered ourselves at a $600 a night gorgeous villa in southern Bali, complete with an infinity pool, private chef, and private tennis court.

If you’re looking for accommodations in Bali, booking platforms like Agoda and Booking are helpful. But if you’re interested in some of my personal recommendations, I’ve compiled a list of family hotels in Bali we’ve either stayed at or visited, family friendly hotels our friends have stayed at, or highly rated family friendly Bali resorts in the places we love.

And if you're a slow traveling family like us who's looking for the best hotels in Bali for families for a short retreat, take a look at this list to make your Bali trip memorable.

Read through my Bali posts to dive deeper into this destination.

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Best hotels in Bali for families in Kuta

Located on the southern tip of Bali, Kuta is best known for its stunning sunsets and long sandy beach. It's a lively spot with plenty of activities for the kids, like surfing lessons and beachfront playgrounds.

My son swimming in Kuta (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

While Kuta is often crowded with tourists (it’s conveniently located near the airport, so you can go from flight to beach in less than an hour!), we do love how convenient it is to the beach. Take a look at some of my picks for the best hotels in Bali for families in this area.

1. Legian Beach Hotel (Kuta)

If you’re in the mood to pamper yourself, book a night at Legian Beach Hotel in Kuta. I’ve been visiting this beach resort ever since I was a little girl, and this place truly feels like a piece of paradise.

Our kids at Legian Beach Hotel in 2015 (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

In my opinion, Legian Beach Hotel is one of the absolute best hotels in Bali for families on the beach. Our most recent stay was in 2015, and it was so fun to see my kids play in the same pool I used to swim in when I was a kid!

Located on the beach, Legian Beach Hotel has beautifully decorated bungalows in a garden setting. The hotel has an outdoor pool, and also offers a breakfast buffet.

Rooms come with air conditioning, safe, WiFi, TV, and mini fridge. There is also a spa and three restaurants onsite. Legian Beach Hotel is about a 20 minute walk from the main area of Kuta, but if you are coming to Bali for a retreat rather than being in the middle of the action, this is the place to book.

2. Masainn Hotel (Kuta)

For a more central option in Kuta (and more affordable too!) book a night at Masainn Kuta Hotel. For families looking for good value for money, Masainn is a great affordable choice for the best hotels in Bali for families on a budget.

We stayed at this hotel in the heart of Kuta during our family trip to Bali in 2012. It was the first time my kids had been to Southeast Asia!

My daughter at Masainn Hotel in 2015 (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

Masainn Hotel offers rooms that can accommodate families of 4. Rooms come with air conditioning, WiFi, TV, and mini bar. There are 2 outdoor swimming pools onsite, and breakfast is included with the room rate. What we loved about Masainn Hotel is that it’s so close to so many things in Kuta, including one of my favorite restaurants, Poppies Restaurant.

3. Poppies Bali (Kuta)

Speaking of Poppies Restaurant, if you’re looking for a garden getaway in the heart of Kuta, then consider staying at Poppies Bali. This longtime institution (it’s been around since the 70’s!) offers consistent high quality service for its guests and is one of the best hotels in Bali for families looking to get a taste of what I like to call “old Bali”.

We love that despite all the changes Bali has experienced over the years, we can always rely on Poppies Bali to be there. The Bali I knew in the 80’s was full of these boutique hotels and villas.

Poppies Bali offers cottage bungalows in a garden setting. The bungalows have air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, free WiFi, and a balcony or outdoor patio. Infant cribs are available upon request. The resort has an outdoor pool, and offers complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport. Breakfast is available for a fee.

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Best hotels in Bali for families in Ubud

For a break from the tourist hustle and party scene of Kuta, head north to the village of Ubud to find some excellent family hotels in Bali. Nestled in the heart of Bali, Ubud is surrounded by lush rice terraces and tropical forests. It's the cultural epicenter of Bali, boasting art markets, temples, and traditional dance performances.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces near Ubud (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

Our family appreciated the serene atmosphere and rich cultural experiences in Ubud for kids. We felt like it’s a great change of pace from the bustle of Kuta. Many of the best hotels in Bali for families that I list in this Ubud section offer the perfect retreat experience for your family.

4. Sarin Ubud Suites (Ubud)

If you’re planning to stay in Ubud and want to be close to the Monkey Forest, one of the best hotels in Bali for families to book is the Sarin Ubud Suites by Pramana Villas. We stayed there in 2019 and loved how close it was to restaurants and attractions in Ubud. Plus, there were monkeys that would come visit!

Getting our welcome blessing at Sarin Ubud Suites (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

Sarin Ubud Suites offers rooms with WiFi, air conditioning, and electric kettles for tea. There is an outdoor pool and massage services are available if you’re in the mood for relaxing. You can also rent bikes. Breakfast is available for a fee.

5. Suparsa’s Homestay (Ubud)

In 2019, we also stayed at another place in Ubud called Suparsa’s Homestay. We loved this family owned homestay, located just north of Jalan Ubud Raya. Since it’s outside of the main part of Ubud, the streets felt a little calmer. It was the perfect spot to relax and recharge after a long day of sightseeing during our family trip to Bali.

Playing in the pool at Suparsa’s Homestay (photo credit Astrid Vinje)

Suparsa’s Homestay offers rooms with air conditioning and WiFi. All the rooms face in towards the central pool. Breakfast is available for a fee, but they will serve it to you right at your room. Suparsa’s Homestay can help arrange tours of Ubud for you, as well as airport transfer.

Because the homestay is part of a Balinese family compound, it feels almost like you’re staying in someone’s home. We loved that personal touch! It’s what makes Suparsa’s Homestay one of the best hotels in Bali for families looking for a local experience.

6. Swahita (Ubud)

Located north of Jalan Ubud Raya (one of Ubud’s main roads), Swahita boasts a full-service spa and outdoor pools - perfect for a relaxing stay in Ubud for kids and families! Bike rentals are available for families. And breakfast and airport transfers are also available for a fee.

Rooms at Swahita can accommodate families of up to 4 people. Rollaway beds are available for a fee if you need to fit more people into the room. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, WiFi, TV, and a balcony. Families will enjoy sitting outside their room taking in the views of coconut trees and greenery! This is an excellent option for family hotels in Bali.

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7. Sri Ratih Cottages (Ubud)

If you’re looking for family hotels in Bali that offer relaxation, consider staying at Sri Ratih Cottages. Your stay at Sri Ratih Cottages comes with a complimentary massage! How great is that? The hotel also has an outdoor pool, and offers bike rentals, breakfast, and airport transfers (for a fee).

Families can book the family suite, which can accommodate 4 people. The rooms come with a satellite TV, DVD player, WiFi, coffee/tea maker, and a balcony. Some rooms have connecting rooms available. Also, cribs are available for families visiting Ubud with toddler aged kids. Sri Ratih Cottages is located on the west side of Ubud.

8. Murni’s House and Spa (Ubud)

Another option for pampering yourself is to stay at Murni’s House and Spa. While we haven’t yet stayed at Murni’s House and Spa, we did eat at Murni’s Warung (owned by the same family). We absolutely loved the food, and the decor at the restaurant, and I can imagine that the same level of hospitality and service exists at Murni’s House and Spa.

If you’re looking for the best hotels in Bali for families that have a rustic Balinese feel, then look no further than Murni’s House and Spa. Rooms at Murni’s House and Spa can accommodate families of 4-5 people.

The rooms include air conditioning, coffee/tea maker, WiFi, and a balcony, and some have a connecting room option. Breakfast, airport transfer, and access to a nearby health club are available for a fee. There’s an indoor pool onsite, as well as a children’s pool.

9. Arma Museum and Resort (Ubud)

In 2019, we attended a family travel conference held at Arma Museum and Resort and fell in love with the place. The grounds are sprawling, and 2 outdoor pools, multiple restaurants, a spa, and an art gallery featuring beautiful Balinese traditional and modern art. Families will enjoy the lush tropical gardens all throughout the property, perfect for taking walks and exploring.

One of the pools at Arma Museum and Resorts (photo credit by Clint Bush)

We feel like Arma Museum and Resort is a great option for one of the best hotels in Bali for families. And we also feel like it’s an ideal option for where to stay in Bali with teenagers because it offers them plenty of room to walk around and explore on their own. Arma Museum and Resort offers family villas and apartments that can accommodate up to 6 people. Rooms come with TV, safe, WiFi, air conditioning, and a mini bar. They’re quite spacious and beautifully decorated.

Families with young kids can take advantage of the resort’s babysitting services to enjoy a date night for the parents! This Bali resort also offers shuttle service to and from the airport and free private parking for cars and scooters. And if you’re looking for more activities, cultural classes and tours can be arranged for families through the resort.

10. Bliss Bungalow (Ubud)

Another hotel I spent time in during my Bali visit in 2019 was Bliss Bungalow. My friend, Jennifer from Global Family Travels, stayed there while she was leading her Bali tour. Bliss Bungalow is located in the northwestern part of Ubud, close to Neka Art Museum on Jalan Raya Sanggingan, and is another great choice for the best hotels in Bali for families.

Families will enjoy the secluded feel of Bliss Bungalow. It’s the quintessential Ubud, with views of rice fields and forests. Rooms at Bliss Bungalow come with TV, air conditioning, safe, and free WiFi. The property also has a spa onsite that offers aromatherapy, manicures, body scrubs, and other spa treatments. For parents who want a night out, babysitting services for little ones are available for a fee.

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Best hotels in Bali for families in Amed

Amed is a tranquil coastal stretch in northeastern Bali, known for its laid-back vibe and stunning underwater world. We stayed there in 2019 and loved all the water and snorkel activities in Amed available to us.

Snorkeling in Amed in 2019 (photo credit by Clint Bush)

The area's coral reefs make it perfect for snorkeling and diving adventures. We especially loved snorkeling at the Japanese shipwreck! If you’re looking for an even slower pace than Ubud, then Amed is the spot for you. Take a look at the best hotels in Bali for families visiting Amed that I recommend.

11. Villa Adi (Amed)

In the village of Amed, Villa Adi is a perfect oasis for spending a family trip to Bali. We visited Villa Adi when we came to Amed for a month-long worldschooling meet up in 2019. While we didn’t stay at Villa Adi (some of our friends did!), we did spend time at Villa Adi every day to take part in the meet up activities, and we loved how serene the grounds felt. Based on talking and visiting with our friends, we felt like it’s one of the best hotels in Bali for families due to its amenities and lush surroundings.

Hanging out at our friend's villa in Villa Adi (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

Villa Adi has villas that can accommodate families of 4-6 people. Some of them have their own private pool (we loved visiting with our friends and swimming in their private pools!). They all come with a kitchen and dining area, as well as air conditioning and WiFi.

There is an outdoor pool and restaurant onsite (with free parking), as well as a convenience store. Villa Adi also has massage services, babysitting services, and airport transfer services available for guests.

12. Coral View Villas

Coral View Villas was down the street from the villa where we stayed, so we would go there for dinners from time to time (their restaurant is fantastic!). In hindsight, we wished we would have stayed at Coral View Villas, because it’s right on the beach and much nicer than where we stayed. Rooms at Coral View Villas can accommodate families of up to 5 people and have WiFi, refrigerator, and in-room safe.

These villas are just a one minute walk from Lipah Beach, where you can snorkel. That makes Coral View Villas a great option for snorkel lovers looking for family hotels in Bali. If you don’t feel like going to the beach, there’s a beautiful pool at the villas. Besides having an on-site restaurant, there are also several restaurants within walking distance from the villa.

13. Pazzo Bali

Friends of ours stayed at Pazzo Bali when we were all visiting Amed. This villa compound is perfect for large families because the bungalows can accommodate up to 6 people. The bungalows have terraces for lounging and outdoor dining, and each bungalow comes with air conditioning, WiFi, and in-room safe.

The bungalows at Pazzo Bali are arranged in a garden setting, so it feels like you’re transported into a little community. There’s a restaurant at the entrance to the compound, and the grounds have outdoor pools for swimming and a billiards table. Guests can rent bicycles to get around Amed. If you’re a large family visiting Amed looking for family hotels in Bali that can accommodate your family, Pazzo Bali is a good option.

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Best hotels in Bali for families in Padang Bai

One of the destinations in Bali that we unexpectedly enjoyed is Padang Bai. Located on Bali’s eastern coast, Padang Bai is a cozy port town connecting the island of Bali with Lombok.

Traditional fishing boats on the water near a beach in Padang Bai Bali, near some of the best hotels in Bali for families. In the background is a cliff with trees and temples on top.
Boats at the beach in Padang Bai (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

Beyond its role as a ferry hub, Padang Bai is a hidden gem with some lovely beaches and prime snorkeling spots. When we visited, we didn’t have a chance to fully experience the snorkeling, but we had a great time walking around the town and enjoying the ocean views without the throngs of tourists. It’s definitely worth a stop!

14. Bloo Lagoon Village (Padang Bai)

A unique and relaxing place to stay in Padang Bai is Bloo Lagoon Eco Village. This family-friendly Bali eco stay offers families a tranquil setting amidst gorgeous views of the surrounding ocean and lagoon. We stayed at Bloo Lagoon in 2019 and loved the peaceful atmosphere of the place.

Checking out our room at Bloo Lagoon (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

Villas at Bloo Lagoon Village can accommodate families of up to 6 people. Being an eco resort, there is no air conditioning in the villas. However, the villas are designed open air style to take advantage of the ocean breezes for cooling. The villas are equipped with a full kitchen and dining, WiFi, and mosquito nets (you’ll need them since it’s an open air design).

Free amenities at Bloo Lagoon include an outdoor pool with water slides, daily yoga, art gallery, garden, and shuttle to and from central Padang Bai. There’s also a restaurant and spa on site. When it comes to sustainable eco resorts, we feel like Bloo Lagoon is by far one of the best hotels in Bali for families.

15. OK Divers Resort and Spa (Padang Bai)

For families visiting Padang Bai looking for family hotels in Bali that are closer to the water (compared to Bloo Lagoon that’s up on a cliff), consider staying at OK Divers Resort and Spa. Padang Bai is a great snorkeling location, and OK Divers Resort and Spa offers a convenient location right on Padang Bay Beach.

OK Divers Resort and Spa offers free breakfast for guests and has a restaurant onsite. Airport shuttle service is available for a fee, as well as massage and spa services. OK Divers Resort and Spa also offers PADI scuba diving courses for those who want to get certified.

Rooms at OK Divers Resort and Spa come with air conditioning, WiFi, in-room safe, and TV. They can accommodate families of 4 in one room. And some of the rooms offer views of the ocean.

Best luxury family resorts Bali

My family and I aren’t luxury hotel goers, but who am I to deny others the opportunity to splurge? Bali has an abundance of beautiful four and five star hotels and resorts to choose from.

But before you go booking your stay at the Four Seasons Resort Bali with the kids club, consider the ethical and sustainability implications of your luxury Bali family vacation. Rather than a chain resort, choose a resort that’s either locally owned, actively taking steps towards sustainability, or both.

Mountains and greenery in Bali (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

The influx of tourism to Bali in the last few decades has heavily impacted the natural environment, as well as the local economy and culture. As a traveler, you can use your tourism dollars to support companies that work to preserve the environment, economy, and culture.

While not all of these luxury family hotels in Bali have kids clubs (RIMBA has one!), they do have very high sustainability ratings on Booking. Take a look at my recommendation for the best hotels in Bali for families looking for a luxury experience.

Take a read through more of my lodging posts on this blog.

Using this guide to family hotels in Bali as a starting point for your Bali experience

Bali offers a wealth of enriching experiences for families and kids. From nature excursions to cultural workshops, you can really dive into understanding what life is like in Bali.

As a family who worldschools, we love visiting temples like Pura Lempuyang to learn about the spiritual traditions of Bali. And we also love visiting the night markets to see what everyday life is like for Balinese. There are so many kid friendly ideas to pack into your Bali itinerary!

If you want more activities ideas for your Bali family holiday, take a look at Lonely Planet’s Bali, Lombok, and Nusa Tenggara travel guide.

Making your stay in Bali memorable and fun

Bali isn't just an island paradise to check off your bucket list. It’s the perfect place for families looking to create lasting memories.

Pura Taman Saraswati in Bali in 2012 (photo credit by Clint Bush)

From the vibrant streets of Kuta to the serene landscapes of Ubud, from the underwater wonders of Amed to the local charm of Padang Bai, there's something for every family here. I’ve been coming to Bali for decades, and I know that I’ll continue to come back to this little island in years to come.

In this best family friendly hotels Bali post, I’ve covered some of the best hotels in Bali for families throughout the island, ensuring comfort, adventure, and a touch of luxury. If you're planning your next family getaway, these family hotels in Bali should definitely be on your list.

So, why wait? Dive into your next adventure and let Bali's magic embrace your family.

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