15 Best Eco Friendly Travel Products For (Almost) Plastic Free Travel

As a traveling family, we’re committed to traveling sustainably, not just in the activities we do, but in the products we buy. Over the years, we’ve consciously sought out eco friendly travel products. And we try, as best we can, to do plastic free travel.

For families who travel, sustainable travel may not always be top of mind. Especially when we have other worries to think about like how to prevent a meltdown, what foods to feed your picky eater, and how to keep your kids safe while navigating busy cities. But practicing sustainable travel habits today is critical to ensuring that we can still enjoy travel tomorrow.

Traveling by train through Europe in 2019 (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

As we raise our kids to be global travelers, we can be their models for how to travel sustainably. And one way we can do this is by aiming for plastic free travel.

This post was originally published on September 4, 2021.

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My top 5 picks for eco friendly travel products

Want the quick and dirty on my absolute favorite eco friendly travel products? Here are my top 5 products for plastic free travel.

  1. GRAYL GeoPress 24oz
  2. Toothpaste tabs
  3. Bamboo toothbrush
  4. Bar shampoo and conditioner
  5. Metal straws

Travel tips for buying eco friendly travel products for plastic-free travel

When looking for eco friendly travel products to buy, it’s important to look at the materials that your products are made from. It may be challenging to do completely plastic-free travel. Even if you’re buying something reusable, it could contain materials like nylon, polyester, vinyl, and acrylic, which are all plastic. And products can come delivered in plastic packaging.

The beach in Yelapa Mexico
Yelapa in Mexico in 2019 (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

That doesn’t mean you should completely forget about buying these products. Reusable plastic is still less damaging to the environment than single use plastic since it reduces the amount of plastic waste in the world. However, it does mean that you need to be mindful of the products that you do purchase. Weigh the costs and benefits of using these products.

Other helpful tips for buying sustainable travel products include supporting smaller businesses rather than chain companies and choosing products that are made from sustainably sourced materials. When possible, buy products that have a Fair Trade certification.

Learn more about our other must have items for travel.

Our favorite eco friendly travel products to buy

Throughout our years of travel, we’ve started using more and more sustainable travel products. It’s one of the ways we try to minimize the impact of our world travels and take steps towards zero waste travel.

An assortment of eco friendly travel products next to a window: silicon bags, nylon tote bag, beeswax wrap, and a bowl of strawberries.
Our eco friendly travel products (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

Many of the eco friendly travel products we use are not solely geared for travel. Rather, they’re everyday products that we also use when we are traveling.

Take a look at our favorite products we’ve used over the years to help us travel plastic free (or almost plastic free).

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1. Packing cubes

We use packing cubes to help us organize our clothes. Rather than putting them in disposable plastic bags, packing cubes last longer, so it creates less waste. They are, however, made of nylon, so using them wouldn’t be completely plastic-free travel. 

Packing cubes (eco friendly travel products) filled with rolled up clothes for travel
Using packing cubes for travel (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

Each member of the family has their own packing cube which they can pack however they want.  They fit neatly into our bags and help keep loose items together in one place.

When choosing a packing cube, look for ones that are well made and durable. We like buying them in various sizes, so that they can accommodate a variety of things. Here are a few that you can buy for your trip.

2. Zipper pouches

In the past, we used to use gallon size plastic bags to hold random items. These days, as we aim to use more eco-friendly travel products and engage in plastic-free travel, we’ve shifted to using zipper pouches. They are a lot more sturdy. 

Cloth zipper pouches and eco friendly travel products in assorted colors and patterns
Eco friendly travel products: zipper pouches for travel (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

We use a variety of zipper pouches to hold cords for laptops, bandaids, makeup, and other small loose items. When buying zipper pouches, you can look for makeup bags, pencil pouches, or even toiletries bags. Again, it may not always be possible to do completely plastic-free travel as some zipper pouches are made from nylon, but their reusability is still helping the environment.

Here are a few zipper pouch eco friendly travel products that you can buy.

3. Tote bags for carrying eco friendly travel products

While using nylon tote bags on your trip isn’t exactly plastic-free travel, it can be a lot more eco-friendly than getting a disposable plastic bag from the store when you’re shopping. 

Eco friendly travel products and tote bags for travel
Tote bags are useful eco friendly travel products for families (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

We carry about five tote bags with us when we travel. These eco friendly travel products are helpful for souvenir shopping and grocery shopping. Or for carrying extra things around. One of the tote bags I have is a canvas one, so it doubles as a beach bag when I need it. 

When we were in London visiting the Harry Potter studio tour, for example, having a tote bag was useful for carrying all the souvenirs we ended up with.

Here are some foldable tote bags that you can buy for travel.

4. Mesh produce bags

On the topic of grocery shopping, I have become increasingly aware of the amount of plastic bags we use just when we shop for groceries! That’s why I love taking along mesh produce bags when I go grocery shopping during my travels.

Mesh produce bags with red apples in them on top of a table, eco friendly travel products.
Eco friendly travel products for grocery shopping (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

While I realize that some mesh is still made of nylon or plastic, it is a lot more durable than single use plastic, and can be used over and over again. We carry four or five mesh bags with us when we travel. We use these for buying produce at local markets.

You can buy the mesh produce bags from Earthwise, which are exactly the same ones we bought. We absolutely love them. But there are other brands of mesh bags you can buy for your eco friendly travel products supply.

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5. Drawstring bags

Another set of eco friendly travel products we like to bring along are drawstring bags. When you do long term family travel like we do, you will occasionally need to do laundry. Rather than throwing them into plastic bags, we like to use cloth drawstring bags for our laundry.

Carrying our drawstring bags for laundry (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

Drawstring bags make it easier to carry your laundry to the laundromat. You just cinch up the top, put it on your back, and you’re good to go! We have one drawstring bag for each member of our family. So even our kids can carry their own laundry to the laundromat. 

Drawstring bags can also double as a beach bag (as long as you use a clean one, rather than one that was used for your dirty clothes!). Take a look at this drawstring bag to buy for traveling. The ones by Miomao on Amazon are all made of a cotton-linen blend, so you know they’re perfect for plastic free travel.

6. Stashers, food-saving eco friendly travel products

Since we travel with kids, we always need to be prepared with snacks when you’re traveling. As we try to be more sustainably minded, we are trying to move away from our reliance on plastic food storage bags.

Stashers made from silicone for plastic-free travel
Easy eco friendly travel products for saving food and snacks (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

That’s why we were so excited when we found out about Stashers. These bags, made of silicone, are self-sealing, so you can store food in the pouches without worrying about spills or leaks. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can be prepared for whatever snack or leftover you’ll find yourself with.

Plus, you can make microwave popcorn in Stashers, so you never have to buy bagged popcorn again!

You can buy your own set of Stashers on Amazon.

7. Beeswax wraps eco friendly travel products for food

Some other food-related eco friendly travel products we’ve fallen in love with are beeswax food wrappers. We’re absolutely obsessed with beeswax wraps. And I love the fact that I no longer have to rely on plastic wrap to store leftovers again. 

Beeswax wraps for travel (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

Beeswax wraps are made of cotton cloth that is coated with beeswax. The wraps can be used to cover plates, bowls, or just the food item itself. You can use your hands to warm up the wax. You won’t have a tight seal like plastic wrap, but you’ll definitely feel good about yourself.

Here are the two brands of beeswax food wraps we use that you can buy for your own family.

Take a look at more essential items to take for your travels here.

8. Reusable straws

One of the things that broke my heart while traveling in Bali was seeing the amount of plastic trash in the water. Some of this trash included plastic straws. While Bali has now made an effort to ban plastic straws, not every destination has done the same. 

Eco friendly travel products, such as metal straws, for use during travel
Reusable metal drinking straws (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

That’s why we travel with our own reusable straws. I prefer using stainless steel straws, but I have also used bamboo straws. And silicone straws are also pretty popular to use. Throw them in your purse, and pull them out whenever you’re at a restaurant. Start saying “no” to those plastic straws!

Here are some reusable straws you can buy for your travels.

9. Grayl water bottles

Disposable plastic bottles are a big contributor to trash in many countries. But sometimes it’s hard to find clean drinking water without buying a plastic bottle.

Using our Grayl bottle for travel in Mexico (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

That’s why we like using Grayl bottles for our plastic-free travel experiences. These reusable water bottles have a filter and purifier that allows you to have clean drinking water wherever you go, whether you’re walking in a city or through national parks.

While the bottles themselves are made of plastic, you are still greatly reducing the amount of plastic bottles you put into the environment by using a Grayl bottle. And you can now return used filter cartridges back to Grayl, so you’re still reducing the amount of waste.

We’ve been using eco friendly travel products since 2018, and I estimate we’ve prevented over 4,000 plastic bottles from going into a landfill. Click the links below to buy your Grayl reusable water bottle.

Learn more about the amazing family travel resources we use for worldschooling!

passport, journal, and sunglasses

10. Bamboo toothbrushes

We go through toothbrushes so quickly. And it breaks my heart whenever we have to throw a plastic toothbrush into the garbage bin. 

Bamboo toothbrushes for travel (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

We recently started using bamboo toothbrushes. And we feel a lot better now when we brush our teeth. The one thing about bamboo toothbrushes is that you still have to dispose of the bristles in the trash. But depending on your city’s garbage program, you may be able to throw these eco friendly travel products in the compost or yard waste bin.

Here are some bamboo toothbrushes you can buy for travel or for home.

11. Toothpaste tabs

Along with toothbrushes, I hate that our toothpaste comes in plastic tubes. We recently switched to toothpaste tabs to brush our teeth in our efforts to do more plastic-free travel.

Eco friendly travel products alternative to toothpaste (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

Toothpaste tabs are such simple to use eco friendly travel products. You just put one in your mouth, chew on it to break it up in your mouth, and then start brushing your teeth with a wet toothbrush.

As we’ve been using these eco friendly travel products, there are many more flavors to choose from besides mint (plus many more brands to choose from!). But our kids still prefer the old standby of mint. Also, be sure to check whether the toothpaste tabs have fluoride, as many do not. We’ve started using the Tidalove tabs for this very reason!

Here are two toothpaste tab brands that do have fluoride (and one brand without fluoride) that you should buy for your family.

Need ideas for bags to carry your travel products? Here are our favorite backpacks.

12. Other dental-focused eco friendly travel products

Floss may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of plastic, but these thin nylon threads can do a lot of damage to the ecosystem, especially when it comes to marine life. When we were in Puerto Escondido, we learned how sea turtles can often mistake these as food and swallow them.

Why not swap out your nylon floss for silk floss instead. These are a more biodegradable option, and help make plastic-free travel much more possible for your family. Alternatively, if your kids can’t use floss, try the biodegradable floss picks.

Buy these eco friendly travel products using these links below.

13. Bar shampoo and conditioners

On the topic of hygiene, we’ve become increasingly aware over the years of how many plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles we dispose of every year. That’s why we switched to bar shampoos and conditioners.

Eco friendly travel products for hair care (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

Rather than using bottles, we use shampoo and conditioner bars to wash our hair. These eco friendly travel products are small and light, and you can use one of the silicone Stashers to store them in your travel bag.

Check out these shampoo and conditioner bars to buy for your next trip.

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14. Detergent strips

If you’re planning on traveling for longer than a week, or even slow traveling, you’ll likely need to do laundry. If your vacation rental has a washer and dryer, then you’ll likely need to buy laundry detergent.

Detergent strips for eco friendly laundry (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

For years I’ve been looking for biodegradable and environmentally friendly laundry detergent to take with us while we travel. That’s why I was so excited when I found out about detergent strips. 

Detergent strips are dry concentrated strips of laundry detergent that you can throw in your washer. These eco friendly travel products can replace a whole bottle of laundry detergent for a fraction of the weight and waste. We love taking these along on our trips - I put some in a snack size Stasher and drop them in my bag!

Snag a pack of detergent strips for your next trip here.

15. Wool dryer balls

In addition to detergent strips, we’ve also started using wool dryer balls. Did you know that dryer sheets have plastic in them? Wool dryer balls are a much more sustainable alternative, and they don’t weigh a lot either.

Dryer balls, a good choice for eco friendly travel products for laundry (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

We throw three wool dryer balls into each load in the dryer. To keep our clothes static free, we pour some distilled vinegar onto the dryer balls before popping them into the dryer. 

Buy one of these sets of wool dryer balls for your next trip.

Want to learn more about how to travel sustainably? Read here.

Other ideas for eco friendly travel gear

These eco friendly travel products are just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other products you can get to strive for plastic free travel or zero waste travel. 

Enjoying my time in nature (photo credit by Clint Bush)

We don’t use all of these products because we don’t necessarily have a need for them. But if they fit with your family’s travel needs, then definitely get some for your travels.

Why plastic-free travel is becoming increasingly important

Although there are some plastics that can be made without the use of fossil fuels, most plastic on the market today still rely on fossil fuels. Plastic is made by combining heat-treated ethane and propane into various types of polymers. Ethane and propane comes from refining raw materials like natural gas and oil, which come from fossil fuels.

Padang Bai in Indonesia (photo credit by Astrid Vinje)

As the world becomes more populous, our reliance on plastic and other fossil fuel products and by-products will continue to wreak havoc on our planet. Not only is the burning of fossil fuels harmful to the environment, so is the extraction of it.

While using eco friendly travel products and committing to plastic-free travel isn’t going to improve the environment overnight, it can help. If enough people make this shift in mindset, it can show companies that there is a market for sustainable products.

Stocking up on the best eco friendly travel products for your next trip

Trying to engage in plastic-free travel as a family can be challenging. Fortunately, it’s a lot more achievable than you realize.

With the accessibility of eco friendly travel products available for you, it’s easier than ever to travel in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

As concerns about environmental conservation grow in the next coming years, it will be even more important that travelers be mindful of the products they use and dispose of on their trips. As you plan and prepare for future trips, stock up on these sustainable travel items to ensure a guilt-free vacation.

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