Why Families Will Love The Madera Foldable Hammock

When you’re packing for family travel, it’s helpful to have family travel gear that your family can love. We’ve recently fallen in love with the Madera foldable hammock, and signed on to be an affiliate partner for them. 

We are so excited to be taking them along on our around the world trip. They’ll be perfect for lounging around, no matter if we’re in the middle of the woods, or hanging out in a villa in Bali.

This post was updated on May 7, 2020.

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Our kids playing in the hammock (June 2018)

Our favorite piece of family travel gear

In the past few weeks, our foldable hammock has become one of our favorite pieces of family travel gear. And we think you’ll love these hammocks too. Here are five reasons that families will love taking a foldable hammock along on their trips.

Snuggle time in the hammock (June 2018)

Easy setup for the foldable hammock

We first fell in love with hammocks when we were traveling in Indonesia. Our guest house on the island of Sumatra had a hammock set up on the balcony, and it was our favorite spot to take an afternoon nap. I always thought that hammocks were hard to set up, but it turns out, they don’t have to be.

The Madera foldable hammock comes with durable rope and carabiners, so set up is a breeze (it helps to have a solid knowledge of knot-making). All you really need are two strong trees or posts to support the weight of your body in the hammock. We like using extra rope or hammock straps for extra length.

Man using a Madera foldable hammock for camping.
These hammocks are easy to set up anywhere! (June 2018)

Travel gear that packs up small

I was always hesitant to buy a foldable hammock because I thought that they would take too much space. Turns out, I was wrong about that. This piece of family travel gear takes up little space in your bag!

For space conscious traveling families, this foldable hammock is perfect because they pack up so small. The hammock folds itself into a pouch that is attached to the hammock, and it even fits all the ropes! Packed down, it measures around 6 inches x 7 inches, and weighs less than a pound.

A Madera foldable hammock that can pack up its carrying case
The Madera hammock (June 2018)

Durable material for the foldable hammock

When you’re choosing family travel gear, you want to pick things that are built to last. the Madera foldable hammock is made with high tenacity parachute nylon, which is popular among many hammock brands. These hammocks can withstand up to 400lbs in weight. My husband, who is at least 200 lbs, had no problem or concerns using the hammock. And the kids and I piled up in the hammock with no problem!

Madera hammocks are also pretty easy to take care of. They can be put in the washing machine (alone and without the carabiners) with a little bit of detergent, and then air dried (avoid putting them in the dryer!) for about thirty minutes. Taking good care of Madera hammocks will help them last longer.

Snuggling in our hammock (June 2018)

A foldable hammock that's fun for the kids

When we took our foldable hammock on a camping trip to Seaquest State Park in Washington state, our kids couldn’t get enough of it. They were swinging around in it, snuggling with each other, and doing all sorts of imaginative play in it.

Your kids will love the Madera foldable because they’re so easy for them to use. As I mentioned, the material is pretty durable, so you won’t need to worry about the hammocks ripping from kids’ use. Of course, it’s good to make sure they are mindful of general hammock safety when they’re using the hammock.

Two kids in a Madera foldable hammock
Bonding why hanging out in the hammock (June 2018)

A product with a purpose

As travelers, we can’t help but think about our impact on the world around us. That impact not only encompasses the economic and social impact, but also the environmental impact. Now more than ever, we are trying to be a lot more mindful of the kinds of products that we chose to purchase. One of our ways of practicing responsible travel is by purchasing family travel gear that won't adversely affect the world.

What we love about Madera hammocks is that they’re not just another company trying to make a buck. They also have a purpose. For every hammock sold, Madera helps get two trees planted. They've partnered with TREES for the Future to plant fast-growing trees in Sub-Saharan Africa, which can provide a source of food, fuel, and livelihood for local farmers. I love the environmentally responsible philosophy of this company!

Smiling because I'm helping to improve the environment! (June 2018)

If you’re looking to get your own set of Madera hammocks, click my affiliate link to purchase your hammock today! And then get ready to have some outdoor hammock fun with the family. Your family trips will never be the same again!

Note: I am a brand ambassador for Madera Outdoors. For every portable hammock sold using my affiliate link, I will earn 10% of the price of the item. However, the opinions expressed in this post are completely my own. I really do love these hammocks!

Why Families Will Love The Madera Foldable Hammock | The Wandering Daughter

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