One Day In Seville: 11 Amazing Ideas for a Family Seville Itinerary

December 23, 2021

The city of Seville is a must-see for any trip to Spain. Whether you’re spending one day in Seville or a month, your Seville itinerary will undoubtedly be filled with vibrant music, dance, history, and food.

We recently spent one day in Seville and absolutely fell in love with the city. Despite having a population of over 600,000 people, the city felt completely walkable. Plus, it’s a stunning city to visit any time of year.

Seville reminded us of other European cities we’ve visited, like Lyon, France and Parma, Italy. With its old narrow streets and grand Gothic and Renaissance style architecture, we felt as if we were walking through a postcard of Europe! But it’s the Moorish and Arabic influences the city’s buildings that give this city its own distinct feel. Marveling at the architecture is a must if you're visiting Spain.

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A designed garden with a stone covered walkway in the background and palm trees in the middle
A garden at Real Alcazar (December 2021)

Why you should visit Seville with your kids

If you’re a worldschooling family who loves history, culture, and food, then Seville is the perfect destination. There are so many things to do in Seville, Spain. The city is home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites. Additionally, you can take your pick from an abundance of restaurants to sample local and international cuisine. 

You can easily spend weeks or months in this city. But if you’re pressed for time, you can still experience many of the Seville top sights by spending two days in Seville or fewer. That's what we did. If you can only spend one day in Seville, here’s a fabulous Seville itinerary that will surely make lasting memories for you and your family. It has all the tips for how to spend one day in Seville.

Walking through the streets of Seville (December 2021)

Important things to know for your Seville itinerary

Before jumping into your Seville itinerary, it’s helpful to cover some basic information. This is one of Spain’s major cities, located in the Andalucía region of the country. It sits along the Rio Guadalquivir, inland from the city of Cadiz, which once served as an important river for trade during the height of Spain’s exploration and colonial exploitation days.

To get an overview of Seville and the Andalucía region, buy a copy of Rick Steves Snapshot Sevilla, Granada, and Andalucía.

Alternatively, you can also buy one of these other guidebooks:

DK Eyewitness Seville and Andalucia

Lonely Planet Andalucia

The following sections cover how to get to the city, where to stay during your one day in Seville, and how to get around the city. I also touch on money matters and cultural and historical contexts for visiting Seville.

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Enjoying a boat ride at Plaza Espana (December 2021)

How to get to and from Seville

Seville has a major airport located outside of the city to the northeast. The airport has a mix of international and domestic airlines. North American airlines include Air Canada, American Airlines, and Delta. 

To get to the city proper, you can take a bus or a taxi. Alternatively you can hire a car. But keep in mind that driving in Seville is tricky, since the city is full of narrow streets. So renting a car is not an ideal option for your Seville one day itinerary.

Seville is accessible by train from many major cities in Spain. In fact, it’s less than a 3 hour train ride from Madrid. You could even take a day trip from Madrid to Seville!

A river with small cruise boats docked along the side, and a yellow tower in the background
Torre del Oro along the Rio Guadalquivir (December 2021)

Where to stay during your Seville itinerary

If you want to stay close to your Seville itinerary activity, the best places to stay in Seville, Spain are near the historic center. This area is known as the Casco Antiguo. 

Neighborhoods in Casco Antiguo include Museo, Centro, Santa Cruz, Alfalfa, Regina, and Feria. These neighborhoods are filled with small boutique hotels or apartment rentals for families.

Another option for a place to stay during your one day in Seville is the neighborhood of Triana. This neighborhood is located on the west of the Rio Guadalquivir.

A circular fountain with a figure of a woman at the top and buildings in the background
A fountain at Casco Antiguo (December 2021)

Getting around Seville

Many of the top things to do in Seville are located within the central historic part of the city. They are mostly within walking distance, so it’s easy to get around the city on foot. 

However, there are also other options for getting around during your Seville itinerary. There are city buses that have routes around the center. You can also use the tram. Check the bus schedules online to plan out your routes for the day.

A guitarist, a singer, and two flamenco dancers performing on the street as people pass by
Flamenco street performers (December 2021)

Money matters for your one day in Seville

Spain operates on the Euro currency, since it’s a member of the European Union. At the time of this writing, 1 euro is $1.20 USD. Many banks in Seville have an ATM where you’ll be able to withdraw money. 

Most restaurants accept payment by card or contactless payment via your phone. Tips are usually included in your bill, so you won’t need to leave anything extra. Many museums and attractions also accept payment by card. However for small activities, like riding a horse-drawn carriage through the streets, you’ll need to pay by cash.

Two open top horse-drawn carriages with people inside riding through a park with trees in the background
Horse-drawn carriages at Maria Luisa Park (December 2021)

Cultural and historical context for your Seville itinerary

Understanding the history and context of a destination is an important part of traveling responsibly in the world. This city’s history is long and varied. The city has been influenced by so many cultures over the last two millennia!

Early inhabitants of this area include the Phoenicians, who built cities around the hills of the region. After the Phoenicians came the Romans, who laid the groundwork for infrastructure in the area, such as bridges, aqueducts, and roads. Roman myth also states that Hercules founded the city of Seville.

Andalucía was then inhabited by the Vandals, Visigoths, and the Byzantine empire, before giving way to Muslims from Damascus, who established the Western Umayyad caliphate. The city fell under control of the kingdom of Castile in the 13th century, and thus ended Muslim rule of the city. However, the influences of Islam can still be seen in the architecture, music, and dancing of the city.

In terms of language, you’ll need to brush up on your Spanish to communicate in the city. You may be able to find some people who know some English, but you’ll have an easier time getting around if you know some basic Spanish phrases. We are fortunate to have learned Spanish through our travels in Mexico

A Flamenco guitarist on a stage with the spotlight
Flamenco guitarist performing at a show (December 2021)

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Seville itinerary ideas for one day in Seville

Even though we had only a little more than one day in Seville, we had such a wonderful time exploring the city. It is full of so many things to do for families, it was hard to narrow them down!

To experience all the must-do things in Seville, Spain, you want to ideally plan for multiple days. But even if you're only limited to 1 day in Seville, you can still pack in a lot of the top 10 Seville activities with your kids.

For those with some time to spend in Seville, book one of these tours to supplement your one day in Seville itinerary:

Tastes, Tapas, and Traditions of Seville Food Tour

Historical Italica: Half-Day Guided Tour of Seville

Seville Highlights Bike Tour

Seville Highlights: Private Family Guided Tour

If, like us, you can only visit Seville in one day, here’s a look at what we did during our Seville itinerary. For those wanting a slower pace of things, you can easily extend this into a Seville 2 day itinerary as well. 

An archway leading to a plaza with a building with Arabic and European style ornamentation in the background
An archway at Real Alcazar (December 2021)

1. Enjoy a Spanish breakfast of tostada during your Spanish itinerary 

In Spain, the main meal of the day is lunch. So breakfasts in Spain are generally a simple affair. Nonetheless, it’s worth including a Spanish breakfast experience during your Seville itinerary to get a taste of the culture.

A typical Spanish breakfast consists of coffee and a tostada (toasted baguette). You can take your pick of toppings for your tostada, including butter, jam, ham, avocado, or salmon. Coffee is usually the drink of choice, but you can also ask for tea or juice (called zumo in Spain).

The downtown area has a few cafes that are open early for breakfast, called desayuno. Or you can also try the Triana neighborhood.

Spending time at a cafe in Casco Antiguo (December 2021)

2. Take a walk through Triana

Start off your morning Seville itinerary sightseeing with a walk through Triana. This neighborhood, known as a barrio in Spanish, is filled with restaurants, shops, and markets.

It’s located on the western side of the Rio Guadalquivir. The main area of Triana lies between the Puente de Isabel II and Puente de San Telmo. Just off the Puente de Isabell II is the Museo del Castillo de San Jorge, a museum about the Spanish Inquisition.

A church dome and a steeple
Museo del Castillo de San Jorge (December 2021)

3. Enjoy the view during your one day in Seville at the Setas de Seville

After a walk through Triana, cross the Puente de Isabel II and head to the Setas de Seville, which means the Mushrooms of Seville. This architectural structure, also known as the Metropol Parasol, is the perfect place to catch the best views in Seville during your Seville itinerary.

The structure was built in 2011 on the site of a public market in the 19th century. There are multiple levels to the structure. At the underground level are remains of Roman and Moorish artifacts, while the ground level houses the Central Market. Above the market, on Level 1, is a public plaza. And on Levels 2 and 3 are terraces for viewing the city, as well as a restaurant. 

A large multistory architectural structure with stairs leading up to it
Setas de Sevilla (December 2021)

4. Get inspired at Seville Cathedral

Since you’re already in the downtown area, continue walking about 10-15 minutes from the Setas de Seville to the Catedral de Sevilla, also known as the Seville Cathedral. It's one of the city's UNESCO World Heritage sites, and is a must-see if you’re spending one day in Seville.

During the time of the Moors, this building was a mosque. However, when the Castilians gained control of the city, the mosque was torn down and replaced with a cathedral. The only structure to remain from the original mosque is the minaret, which was converted to a bell tower. The Seville Cathedral is also the final resting place of Christopher Columbus.

If you have time during your Seville itinerary, take a tour of the Catedral de Seville. The cathedral is open at 10:45 am on Mondays to Saturdays, and from 2:30 pm on Sundays. Entrance to the cathedral costs 10 euros for adults (children under 14 are free). If you want an audio guide, the cost is an additional 5 euros.

A guided tour of the cathedral is also available for 17 euros per person. The guided tours are available at certain times of the day, and for different areas of the cathedral.

A Gothic style cathedral with a minaret style steeple
The Seville Cathedral (December 2021)

5. Include a visit to the magnificent Royal Alcazar into your one day in Seville itinerary

Right next to the Catedral de Sevilla is the entrance to Real Alcazar, a former Moorish fortress that was converted into a royal palace. Like the cathedral, Real Alcázar is a must-visit during your Seville itinerary and is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Alcázar consists of the palace and gardens. The original Muslim fortress was built in 913, but was destroyed and rebuilt in 1248 when the Christian Castilians took over the city. King Pedro I hired Moorish architects to meld Arabic architectural styles with European elements and motifs. Subsequent Catholic monarchs also made their own renovations to the palace.

The Royal Alcazar palace is open every day from 9:30 am to 5 pm. Tickets start at 13.50 euros for adults (children under 13 years old are free). You can pay extra for an audio guide or you can simply tour the grounds yourself during your one day in Seville.

If you want a more in-depth experience at Alcazar, it’s worth booking one of these tours with a knowledgeable guide:

Alcazar english Tour With a Historian

Exclusive Alcazar Tour - Tickets included

Alcázar English Tour

A courtyard with a pool of water in the middle surrounded by small trees and Arabic style arches and columns
The Patio de las Doncellas at Alcazar (December 2021)

6. Enrich your day with a traditional tapas lunch

As I mentioned, lunch is the biggest meal of the day for people in Spain. As such, you need to make sure to experience a traditional tapas lunch during your one day in Seville. Fortunately, downtown Seville has a large selection of tapas restaurants to choose from, many of them are minutes away from Alcazar and Seville Cathedral. 

Tapas are small plates that are shared with everyone at the table. They can include cured meats, soups, prepared vegetable dishes, and fried fish. Order a few different plates to sample all the variety of flavors Spain has to offer.

Also, make sure you set aside ample time in your Seville itinerary for your tapas experience. Tapas should be savored and enjoyed!

Colorful olives in olive oil in a white dish
Olives for tapas (December 2021)

7. Pass time during your one day in Seville itinerary by renting boats at Plaza España

Between the hours of 4pm and 8pm, most restaurants in the city are closed. You’re hard-pressed to find cafes or restaurants that serve food during this time, although many places still serve drinks.

To pass the time during your Seville itinerary at this time of day, head down to the Plaza España. It’s located in the expansive Parque de María Luisa, also known as Maria Luisa Park. This park was built in 1914, and still continues to be a popular place for people in the city to hang out.

A fun activity to do at Plaza España is to rent a rowboat. The Plaza España was built for the 1929 World's Fair, and features Renaissance Revival, Baroque Revival, and Moorish Revival styles of architecture.

Row boats cost only 6 euros to rent for 35 minutes. The boats go around a semicircular canal that passes in front of the Plaza España. What a relaxing way to enjoy the view! 

Rowing boats at Plaza Espana (December 2021)

8. Walk along Guadalquivir River during your one day in Seville itinerary

During the time when this city was a major port city in Spain, the Rio Guadalquivir was a busy river, transporting trade goods in and out of Spain. These days, the Rio Guadalquivir is a fraction of what it once was, but you can still enjoy the beautiful views along the river. 

Both sides of the river are lined with walkways. And you can spend an hour or so during your Seville itinerary walking along the river from Puente de Los Remedios to Puente de Isabel II.

Alternatively, you can book the following cruise along the Rio Guadalquivir to enjoy the river even more:

Exclusive Yacht Cruise Through the Guadalquivir

A small cruise boat on the river with colorful buildings in the background
A cruise boat on the Rio Guadalquivir (December 2021)

9. Don’t forget to include a Flamenco show

A hallmark of Andalucían culture is flamenco, an art form encompassing music and dance. Flamenco draws from a variety of cultural influences, including Indian, African, and Arabic musical and dance styles. The result is a passionate musical and visual performance that is distinctively Spanish and not to be missed during your Seville itinerary.

You’ll have plenty of options for a flamenco dancing and music performance in the city. During our one day in Seville, we opted to catch a show at the Teatro de Flamenco

Regardless of the venue, flamenco shows occur in the evening, and last about an hour. Some other Flamenco Sevilla venues offer a dinner option to accompany the performance. 

If you want to delve deeper into flamenco, book this walking tour, which includes a flamenco show and tapas:

Flamenco Walking Tour

Three flamenco dancers in white and red dresses and holding red fans
Flamenco dancers at a show (December 2021)

10. See history with a visit to the Roman aqueduct 

If you have time to spend between the flamenco show and dinner time, take a walk over to the Caños de Carmona on Calle Luis Montoto. These are ruins of Roman aqueducts.

Before the Moors, and after the Phoenicians, the Romans ruled this area of Spain. They were responsible for building much of the infrastructure in Andalucía, including roads and aqueducts. 

A visit to the Caños de Carmona is a great way to bring history to life during your Seville itinerary. You’ll have a chance to admire the ingenuity of Roman engineering. 

Ruins of Roman aqueducts along a road with buildings in the background
A Roman aqueduct in Seville (December 2021)

11. End your one day in Seville with a meal at Columnas de Hercules

Compared to the United States, people in Spain eat dinner late. Most restaurants won’t open their doors for dinner until 8:30 or 9 pm. 

In the evening, head over to the Columnas de Hercules, located on Alameda de Hercules. There, you’ll find several options for dinner. Many of these restaurants have outdoor seating, even in the winter. So you’ll get a chance to experience the energy of the city and admire the views of the columns while enjoying your meal.

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Two columns with statues against a black night sky

Other ideas for your one day in Seville itinerary

Of course there are many ways to explore the city. And one day in Seville is certainly not enough time to explore them all.

If you have time during your Seville itinerary, or simply want alternative activities to choose from, take a look at the suggestions below.

A square in Seville, with a fountain in the foreground and a yellow colonial building in the background
A square in Casco Antiguo (December 2021)

Hop on hop off bus tour

A great way to orient yourself to a new city is with an open top bus tour. This city has a couple of options you can do during your Seville itinerary, including the City Sightseeing Tour

The City Sightseeing Tour includes at least 12 stops around the city. You can purchase a 24-hour ticket and use it any time during your one day in Seville. Buses operate from 10 am to 7 pm. There's also an option to add on a guided walking tour to your tickets as well.

You can also book the City Sightseeing Tour through Viator here:

City Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

A red City Sightseeing bus for Seville
City Sightseeing Sevilla bus (December 2021)

Incorporating museum visits into your itinerary

This city is full of unique and interesting museums, so adding them into your Seville itinerary is always a good idea. One of the more notable museums is the Archivo de Indias, with artifacts from Spain’s former colonies. This museum is another one of Seville’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Museo de Bellas Artes de Sevilla is another notable museum to visit, especially if you enjoy fine arts. And if you’re looking for family friendly museum options for spending one day in Seville, you can visit the Casa de la Ciencia and the Seville Aquarium

A sign with names and arrows pointing to attractions in Seville
Attraction signs in Seville (December 2021)

Supplementing your itinerary with classes or workshops

While you’re in the city, why not include a class or workshop into your Seville itinerary? Classes are fun ways for worldschooling families to incorporate learning into their travels.

Platforms like Airbnb offer experiences such as a paella Spanish cooking class or a flamenco dance class. Or you can book one of the following workshops or classes from other booking platforms like Viator:

Spanish Cooking Class & Triana Market Tour

In-person Flamenco Dance Class

Be an Artisan for a Day

Flamenco dancers performing on a stage with a flamenco guitarist and singer in the background
Flamenco performers (December 2021)

Take a day trip from the city

This city is the perfect destination to explore the rest of the Andalucia region of Spain. One idea for a one day trip from Seville is to spend one day in Granada, which is approximately 250 kms away (less than a 3 hour drive).

Other ideas for day trips from Seville include the city of Cadiz, the city of Cordoba, and the town of Ronda, all of which are less than a 2 hour drive from the city. Alternatively, you can drive to the city of Malaga, on the coast of the Mediterranean. The drive takes between 2 and a half to 3 hours.

Book one of these Seville day trip tours for your vacation:

Granada Day Trip

Full-day Cordoba Tour

Ronda and White Villages Guided Day Tour

Olive Oil Farm Tour

A woman smiles while enjoying one day in Seville, Spain
Enjoying the beach on the southern coast of Spain (December 2021)

An unforgettable one day in Seville itinerary for your family

Regardless of how you choose to fill your Seville itinerary, this city will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on your travel memories. We loved this cityfor its architectural beauty, its vibrant culture, it’s complex history and its delicious food.

If you plan to spend one day in Seville (or more), be sure to try our suggestions for your Seville itinerary. And don’t be afraid to venture out and explore your own things too!

Have you visited this city with your family? What did you include in your Seville itinerary? Share them in the comments!

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One Day in Seville: 11 Ideas for A Seville Itinerary With Kids | The Wandering Daughter | 

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