Discover The Real Indonesia With This Bali Day Tour

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The island of Bali in Indonesia is arguably one of the most visited islands in Indonesia. Each year, over 5 million tourists come to Bali. They come from around the world, particularly Australia, and also throughout Indonesia. Many tourists come to the beaches. But more and more tourists are also coming for a chance to experience the unique culture of Bali. And in my opinion, the best way to experience that culture is to take a Bali day tour!

We recently partnered with a company called Real Indonesia to explore the island of Bali. We also had a chance to experience the cultural practices that still exist in Bali. It was an interesting day of learning and entertainment for our family. And our kids had a memorable time during their day of cultural immersion.

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Carrying offerings on her head (October 2019)

Why you should include Bali excursions into your itinerary

As much fun as it is to hang out at the beach or relaxing in your Bali villa, incorporating a few Bali excursions into your vacation allows you to have a more enriching experience in Bali. The Lonely Planet Bali, Lombok, and Nusa Tenggara guide book has several great ideas of where to start on your Bali exploration. Set aside a day or two in your itinerary to do a Bali day tour.

In our two months in Bali, we went snorkeling in Amed, visited Lempuyang Temple, took a few classes, and even learned about coral reefs in Sanur. Bali is more than beaches and yoga retreat centers. And the experiences you get from doing Bali excursions helps you understand the many sides of Bali a bit better.

Our kids enjoy doing the activities that come along with the Bali excursions. For a worldschooling family like us, they’re a good way to incorporate learning, without having to do boring lessons or reading out of a book.

Feeding a calf during our Bali tour (October 2019)

What families will enjoy about Real Indonesia’s Bali day trips

One of the best ways to do an excursion is to take one of the Bali day trips or multi-day trips offered by Real Indonesia. Real Indonesia is an Australia-based company that allows travelers to dive deeper into Indonesian culture. They offer one day or multi-day tours for exploring East Java or Bali.

Our family opted for the One Day Village Adventure tour, which took us to a village about thirty-five to forty-five minutes away from Ubud. We loved the chance to see a more authentic side of the island during our Bali day tour. And we loved learning the cultural traditions that are still practiced by the Balinese. They really pack a lot into their Bali day trips!

Another thing that we love about Real Indonesia is their focus on sustainable travel and social responsibility. All of their trips, from their multi-day Java trips to their Bali day trips, aim to support and empower local businesses. Real Indonesia partners with local tourism companies to organize their tours. This allows travelers to have a more locally-focused and authentic experience, and allows the local companies to reach a wider market. It’s a truly symbiotic relationship!

Learning about Bali as a family during our day tour (October 2019)

Highlights of our Bali day tour

For the One Day Village Adventure Bali day tour, Real Indonesia picks you up at a designated meeting point in either Kuta or Ubud, and drops you off at the same spot at the end of the tour. Plan for about six hours to complete the tour. This particular Bali day tour costs around $110 (USD) per person. 

We really enjoyed our time with Real Indonesia! Our Bali day tour with was packed with all sorts of cultural activities. The pacing was perfect for the kids. And they were engaged throughout the whole tour. Here are some of the highlights from our tour.

A Balinese gamelan group playing music during a Bali day tour in a traditional village.
A Balinese gamelan during our tour (October 2019)

Carrying offerings to the family temple

Upon arrival at Penarungan village, we were greeted by members of the village with offerings and even a small Barong dance. They accompanied us to one of the homes in the village, where we had a chance to learn about the traditional layout of Balinese homes, and some of the customs.

My daughter and I even had a chance to carry offerings on our heads. In Bali, women are the ones who carry the offerings to the temple. The ones we carried were about 1-2 kilograms (2-5 lbs.) in weight. But some of the offerings can be upwards of 5-7 kilograms (11-16 lbs.)!

Carrying offerings to the temple (October 2019)

Learning about rice cultivation

Rice plays a large part of Balinese culture. Despite the role of tourism on Bali’s economy, locals still cultivate rice. It is a staple in Balinese cuisine, as well as the cuisine of many of the other islands in Indonesia.

During our Bali day tour, we had a chance to walk through rice paddies and learn about rice cultivation. Our guide remarked on the importance of cooperation among the farmers, especially when it comes to planning when to plant crops as a way to control pests. It was so fascinating!

Enjoying the walk through rice fields (October 2019)

Making offerings

One of the highlights of our Bali day tour was making traditional Balinese offerings. In Bali, because of their Hindu religion, small offerings of flowers and pandan leaves are placed in various places everyday. These offerings are to honor the spirits, which the Balinese believe exist in the world around us.

My daughter and I learned what the different colors of flowers represent. And we also learned the proper method to create an offering. It was a fun activity that my daughter really got into. She made offerings for each member of our family.

A woman and girl learning to make traditional Balinese offerings during a Bali day tour in Indonesia
Learning how to make offerings (October 2019)

Plowing a field

Another highlight of our tour was getting dirty in the mud and plowing a rice field! As part of the rice cultivation process, farmers need to prepare their fields for transplanting rice seedlings.

During our Bali day tour, we had a chance to prepare the fields, and actually transplanting rice seedlings into the field. What a fun cross-cultural experience! Even my daughter was getting in on the action.

Plowing a field during our tour (October 2019)

Ending our Bali day tour with a dance!

After all the activities (and a thorough rinse of our arms and legs!), we sat down to a delicious Balinese meal of rice, satay, veggies, tempe, and tofu. As we wrapped up our meal, we were treated to dancing from a Balinese dancer! My kids were fascinated by the dancing. And we even had a chance to dance with her.

A Balinese dancer performs for a father and two kids during a Bali day tour in a traditional village
Watching a dance during our tour (October 2019)

A Bali day tour to remember

Looking back on our time with Real Indonesia, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. It was the perfect amount of education and fun for our worldschooling kids. And it really brought to life all the Bali facts that we were studying during our time in Bali.

Are you planning a trip to Bali in the near future? Tell me in the comments why you think you would enjoy a Bali day tour from Real Indonesia?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received a complimentary One Day Village Adventure tour for my family and me in exchange for this blog post. However, the opinions and views expressed in this blog post are completely my own.

Discover The Real Indonesia With This Bali Day Tour | The Wandering Daughter |
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    1. Yes, it makes me feel happy that there are companies out there that are dedicated to sustainability, especially in a place like Bali, that suffers a lot from overtourism.

  1. I love getting to see a more authentic side of a destination rather that just the touristy parts. What fun to be able to immerse your family into more of Bali’s culture!

  2. I’ve yet to take my kids to Asia or Bali, but this looks like such a must-do adventure. This certainly looks like one of the most beautiful places on earth, and so perfect for a family adventure!

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