Guide To Planning A Gap Year With Family

Are you longing for an exciting and fulfilling life of travel with your children? Do you wish for a life-changing travel experience? Are you unsure how to start planning a gap year with family? 

While all of this might sound like a pipe dream, it’s absolutely achievable for you!

My ebook, Hey Kids, Let’s Go Travel! is the perfect resource to get you started on planning a gap year with kids. It’s packed with informative tips, actionable steps, and hands-on worksheets to motivate you to take action on your travel ideas.

Make your travel dreams a reality with my useful family gap year guide

When we started planning a gap year of our own back in 2017, we were shooting in the dark. We were clueless in terms of what an actual family gap year cost or even basic family gap year ideas for accomodations, what to pack, and how to educate our kids.

If only there was a step-by-step guide for families planning a gap year. Well, lucky for you, now there is!

Hey Kids, Let’s Go Travel! is the family gap year starter guide that we wished we had many years ago. I’ve taken our successes and pitfalls from four years of full-time travel and compiled it into this informative and concise guide.

And the best part? It’s packaged in a downloadable ebook that you can take anywhere.

What's included in this guide to a gap year with family?

Planning a gap year around the world involves more than just putting together a budget and creating a packing list. Questions around how to educate your kids, how to make money on the road, and how to deal with homesickness often come up when you’re planning a gap year with children. Hey Kids, Let’s Go Travel! addresses all of those questions.

Here’s what you’ll find within the pages of this ebook:

  • Over 60 detailed pages of information
  • Family gap year ideas
  • Resources for educating kids
  • Travel budgeting and income ideas
  • Pro tips for full-time travel
  • Travel budget worksheet
  • Gap year prep checklist
  • Packing list
  • 13 actionable steps
  • Interactive links to valuable resources

Get this valuable guide for $19.99!

Take a peek inside my family gap year starter guide

This isn’t your typical boring how-to book. I’ve filled Hey Kids, Let’s Go Travel! with useful worksheets and even more useful links to additional resources and reading material. It’s like a course in the form of an ebook! And within the pages of each chapter are beautiful images to inspire your travel dreams.

What families have to say about my guide to planning a gap year with family

Many families have already found Hey Kids, Let’s Go Travel! useful for their travel planning. Here’s what families have to say about this ebook.

“I love how easily digestible it is and how there are very clear action steps to take to bring the dream of travel into fruition. I felt like it was the perfect hand hold for somebody taking a step into traveling with  family.” – Trish, mother of two

“Overall the information in the book is super practical and informative. The different ideas for HOW to take a family gap year and the cost ranges are HUGE details that are super valuable to people. … it’s organized into quick chapters, and sequentially, as if walking someone through the progression of making this decision and executing on it.” – Dave, father of two

“I really appreciate how practical and concise it is while still being quite comprehensive.  The worksheets are great.” – Keri, mother of three

We've lived the gap year with family lifestyle, and now you can too!

After four years of living and traveling in 11 countries across three continents, we know a thing or two about traveling around the world with children. 

With my family, I’ve tried various styles of travel, methods of earning income, and approaches to educating children on the road throughout our gap year family adventures. And now I want to share my knowledge with you.

If you’re not ready to buy the ebook yet, that’s okay! You can still benefit from my travel planning help with my free Travel Budget Worksheet. This budget template is an easy tool to help you plan out potential expenses for your family gap year budget, and how you plan to pay for those expenses.

Taking a family gap year with children is one of the most rewarding experiences we’ve had as a family. With the help of my ebook, I hope you can have the same rewarding experiences for your family too!

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