Travel With Kids Blogs! 30 Inspiring Families To Follow Right Now

Looking for some amazing travel with kids blogs to follow this year? Look no further! I’ve compiled the ultimate list of family travel blogs that’s sure to inspire travel in your family. 

Whether you’re interested in outdoor travel, city breaks, short family vacations, or full time travel, there’s a family out there who’s doing exactly what you’re wanting to do. And they’re sure to have the tips you need to make your travel goals a reality.

Take a look at this list to find your favorite family travel blog that will inspire you to go out into the world.

This post was updated on March 13, 2023

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Visiting New York City (October 2018)

Compiling a list of travel with kids blogs

As someone who writes about worldschooling and family travel, I love meeting other family travel bloggers. It’s fun to exchange travel stories with each other. And it’s also nice to see the world through their eyes. Even the same destination can be showcased in so many different ways among the various travel with kids blogs.

When it comes to travel, l feel like we need a bit of inspiration and encouragement in our lives. For those of us who love to travel with kids, finding new travel with kids blogs to follow is extremely helpful for our future travel planning.

As I talk with families during my travels, many of them ask for recommendations for family travel bloggers to follow. I always hesitate to answer. It’s not because I don’t know who to recommend. Rather, it’s because I know so many. It’s hard to pick and choose just one or two!

So I thought I’d compile a list of some of the travel with kids blogs (and vlogs too!) that I am currently following. They all bring a different perspective on the world. I hope they can help inspire families to achieve their family travel goals.

Family time in Andalucia, Spain (January 2022)

Seeking diversity within travel with kids blogs

It’s worth mentioning that this is not a typical round-up of family travel bloggers to follow. One of the biggest things I wanted to represent in this list of travel with kids blogs is diversity.

Blog round-ups often showcase mostly white bloggers and only a handful of bloggers from other ethnic backgrounds. But the reality of family travel is that it’s filled with diverse traveling families, from all ethnic groups and all backgrounds and abilities.

For this list, I wanted to specifically highlight families of color and multi-cultural families. I’ve showcased each of these families on my Instagram page, Brown Families Traveling. They’re showing the world that travel is possible, no matter what your skin color.

mom and daughter from one of the travel with kids blogs standing on edge or ocean
Traveling with my daughter in San Diego (October 2018)

Why representation matters when it comes to travel with kids blogs

There aren’t always many stories told of people of color traveling in the world. From the current travel stories out there, written predominantly from a white perspective, you would think that travel is easy. But in reality, travelers of color and multi-cultural families can often face racism and discrimination when they’re traveling out in the world. 

At a minimal level, discrimination can be something benign like being constantly asked, “where are you really from?” And at worst, discrimination can mean being mistaken for a burglar by a neighbor of the Airbnb you’ve booked. 

As families who travel, no matter what race you are, you can work towards making the travel industry more representative and inclusive. Seek out and read stories from families of color. Make friends with families of color when you travel. And do the work to address your own personal biases.

Read this post for how to travel more responsibly and equitably as a family.

Ready for a change? Take the first step to living a life of full time travel.

Traveling the world as a family of color

Our family, personally, has had our share of racial slurs thrown at us while traveling in Europe. And we’ve also experienced plenty of micro-aggressions, like being ignored at a restaurant, while other diners with lighter skin tones receive service first, despite arriving after us. For families of color, the act of travel isn’t always a walk in the park.

Compounding this is the challenge of raising multi-cultural children. In a world where cultural and racial belonging contribute so much to our sense of identity, raising kids who straddle multiple cultures can pose challenges in how we talk about cultures.

If you’re interested in learning more about what it’s like to raise multi-cultural kids, buy Farzana Nayani’s book, Raising Multiracial Children: Tools for Nurturing Identity in a Racialized World.

The crux of the matter is that representation in family travel shows the world that it’s not just white families who travel. Showcasing traveling families of color shows other families of color that travel is possible for them.

A family from one of the travel with kids blogs looking at the Super Trees Grove in Singapore's Gardens by the Bay
Visiting the Gardens By The Bay in Singapore (January 2020)

My favorite travel with kids blogs to follow this year

For this blog post, each of these family travel bloggers shared with me either their reasons to travel with their kids, or why it’s important for families of color to travel in the world. While each answer is different, the main theme is the same: travel opens our eyes to new perspectives and helps us to become more open-minded.

For easier reading, I’ve organized this family travel blog list by type of travel. So you can skip ahead to the travelling with kids blog that fits your preferred style of travel.

My hope is that families of color and multi-cultural families become the new normal for the family travel media world. This space is big enough for all types of families!

To help us get to that point, here is my ultimate list of travel with kids blogs to follow this year. Check out their stories, and see if they resonate with you. And if you’re looking for more traveling families to follow, take a look at all the families I showcase on Brown Families Traveling.

The Wandering Daughter - @wanderdaughter

World travel with kids blogs

The family travel blogs highlighted in this section focus on traveling around the world with your kids. You could say they’re the ultimate worldschoolers! 

Read these blogs for family travel tips on raising world travel kids.

1. Exploring Legacy

“By experiencing many different things in new cultures throughout the world, we hope to foster open minds and open hearts to learn and grow in new and unexpected ways.”⠀

I love following the Anderson family. They’ve traveled all over the world – Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas – on a quest to discover more about their heritage and ancestry. Learn about the Anderson family on their website, Exploring Legacy.

Exploring Legacy - @exploringlegacy

2. Finding Salas

“We travel with our children because it allows us to prioritize time and experiences with them that otherwise get lost in the routine of everyday life. We can put life on pause and bottle up that time together.”

Any family willing to take time off to explore the world with their kids is awesome in my book. Martin and Alison have taken their daughters to Europe, North Africa, and more recently, South America. Follow the Salas family on their vlog, Finding Salas.

Finding Salas - @findingsalas

3. FroFamily Travels

“Travelling full-time gives us a freedom lifestyle. We are not bound by anything or anyone and in a world that still tries to dictate it's norms and expectations on us, we can take back our power and control over our lives.”

Another one of the full-time travel with kids blogs that I enjoy following is FroFamily Travels. Chi and AJ show other traveling families that it’s possible to ditch the 9-5 and travel full-time with a kid. Follow Chi and AJ on their blog, FroFamily Travels.

FroFamily Travels - @frofamilytravels

4. Itz A Family Thing

“We travel with our son because we want to be grounded and accepting to everyone, despite their differences. We want to teach and try to live by the philosophy, give more than you take. Our travel journey isn’t just about traveling, it’s about helping.”

Gap years aren’t just for 20-somethings. Families can do it too. Just ask Corrita and her wife! These travel mamas are currently chronicling their process of preparing for a family gap year. Follow Corrita and her family on her blog, Itz A Family Thing.

Itz A Family Thing - @_itzafamilything_

5. Wild and Together

“It’s a big, varied, messy, beautiful world, and we are all called to go be in it, to find our own joy, our responsibility, and our people, and to show respect, support, and love for all of them. Traveling, broadening our world view is our favorite way to connect with this bigger joy that runs through life and us.”

For the family behind Wild + Together, traveling with kids doesn’t have to be an unattainable dream. They are dedicated to helping families achieve their dreams through their Couples Alignment Program. Follow this awesome family on their website, Wild + Together.

Wild + Together - @wildandtogether

Get some awesome gap year ideas for your family.

Expat family travel blogs

The blogs in this section focus on living long term in one destination. These families are showcasing what it’s like to live in another country, not just travel there.

If you’re looking for expat blog family travel tips, then check out these families!

6. Melanated Matter

“Everywhere we go we aim to eat, explore & find ways to better understand the beautiful people around us.”

AJ and her family live in Japan. And they’re sharing their adventures of exploring Japan on their YouTube channel. Follow AJ and her family on her vlog, Melanated Matter.

Melanated Matter - @melanatedmatter

7. Our Brazilian Life

“It is important for families of color to travel because those children need to see that they are a part of a global, colorful Family. Differences should be celebrated and not hidden.”⠀

In 2018, the McFly family moved to Brazil to open a trampoline park. Since then, they’ve been sharing their adventures in Brazil on their YouTube channel. Follow the McFly family on their vlog, Our Brazilian Life.

Our Brazilian Life -

Read my tips for how to travel affordably as a family around the world.

Family vacation inspiration

For more general family travel topics, take a look at these family travel blogs. These family travel bloggers are showcasing family travel destinations, sharing travel tips, and even offering packing lists to make your trip easier!

Give the following family travel blogs a follow.

8. Globetrotter Kin

“As parents, not only do we hope that our child can become more worldly through the process of travelling, but also more resilient and agile. When we are travelling, spontaneity is always expected. Thus, he learns to be more adaptable by getting out of his daily routine.”

For Kelvin and Kimberly, who live in the busy, bustling city of Hong Kong, taking advantage of spontaneous getaways is such a helpful way to de-stress. Follow Kelvin and Kimberly on their vlog, Globetrotter Kin. ⠀

Globetrotter Kin - @globetrotterkin

9. Have Kiddos Will Travel

“Our family philosophy is based on the belief that Adventure is our favorite way to learn. Travel has allowed us to learn and experience things in a concrete fashion and we are better individuals due to those experiences.”⠀

Ruth shares tips for how traveling families can explore destinations around the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Follow Ruth and her family on her blog, Have Kiddos Will Travel.

Have Kiddos Will Travel - @havekiddoswilltravel

10. Marcie In Mommyland

“The biggest lesson we learn from travel is to have patience. There are always lines, delays, schedule changes, etc and I love that my kids are able to go with the flow and stay occupied.”

I love Marcie! Her blog is one of my favorite travel with kids blogs out there, and she’s based in our favorite city, Seattle! Marcie shares tips for exploring destinations around the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe, and New Zealand. Follow Marcie and her family on her blog, Marcie in Mommyland.

Marcie In Mommyland - @marcieinmommyland

11. On Our List

“Traveling has allowed us to be more well rounded, more adaptable to changes, and by immersing ourselves in different cultures, we open ourselves to a variety of learning opportunities.”

Mavi loves sharing about her family’s travels in the hopes of inspiring other traveling families. Her blog’s photography and videos are so stunning! Follow Mavi and her family on her blog, On Our List.

On Our List - @maviace

12. Skylar Arias Adventures

“We travel to broaden our daughter’s mind. To show her there’s more to the world than what she sees in her own little corner.”

Traveling families can find adventure anywhere in the world! This family showcases destinations in the United States and Europe, highlighting the unique histories of each place. Follow them on their blog, Skylar Arias Adventures.

Skylar Arias Adventures - @skylar_arias_adventures

13. The Spring Break Family

“I travel with my kids for many reasons but the primary one is that I love spending time with them. We are your average “weekend warrior” family working two full time jobs and the girls are in traditional schooling. When we travel, work and school are forgotten and it’s just family time. The memories we make together on our trips are irreplaceable and a time I wouldn’t trade for the world.”

Monty and her husband love to utilize their daughters’ spring breaks as opportunities to explore new places around the United States, Canada, and Europe. Follow Monty and her family on her blog, The Spring Break Family.

The Spring Break Family - @thespringbreakfamily

14. Those Crazy Nelsons

“I travel with my kids because I’m committed to showing them that the world extends beyond our 5 mile radius, that people are different all over the world, and that culture and customs should be honored, not seen as weird.”

Samantha and her family are truly dedicated to helping traveling families travel more. Besides writing about destinations around the United States and internationally, they also provide families with downloadable itineraries for select destinations within the United States! Follow Sam and her family on her blog, Those Crazy Nelsons.

Those Crazy Nelsons - @thosecrazynelsons

Learn more about family bonding activities you can do while traveling.

Outdoor family travel blogs

If you’re an outdoor loving family like us, then you’ll want to follow the family travel blogs in this section. You’ll find tips on US National Parks to visit, tips for road trips, and ideas for exploring the outdoors.

So pack up your camping gear and get ready for your next road trip with these blogs.

15. All Our Colors 

“We want to be lifelong learners along with our children! We also want to explore our multicultural heritage and so we are making a point to learn about all the cultures that are found in our own family. Childhood is such a short season so we want to guide our kids in a childhood filled with travel, culture, music, language, family time, and lifelong learning!”

Jennifer shares her family’s experiences exploring National Parks and her family’s multi-cultural heritage. Follow Jennifer and her family on her blog, All Our Colors.

All Our Colors - @allourcolors

16. Local Passport Family

“[Through travel,] we learn that everyone has a story and something valuable to share!”

For Preethi and her family, travel can involve going somewhere far away or staying nearby to home. Her blog not only features travel, but also focuses on how families can connect with each other through activities and learning. Follow Preethi and her family on her blog, Local Passport Family.

Local Passport Family - @localpassportfamily

Check out our favorite US National Parks in the West to visit with kids.

Baby travel and traveling with young kids

If it’s one thing I’ve learned as a parent, it’s that your kids are never too young to start traveling. If you’re a parent to young kids, then these family travel blogs are just what you need to get started traveling as a family!

17. Familee Travel

“Exposing [kids] to different sounds, different smells and eventually different tastes. Letting them see and experience cultures from all over the world, and gain an understanding and appreciation for life beyond their home. Having them realize early on that not all people look like, talk like or act like them and that's perfectly okay.”

Families can travel with babies! Jessica and Steve take their young kids to destinations around the world, to show that families can really travel anywhere, no matter how old their kids are. Follow Jessica and Steve on their blog, Familee Travel.

Familee Travel - @famileetravel

18. Travel With Meko

“We travel with our kids because there is no limit to motherhood and we refuse to allow Society to tell us what we can and can’t do! Traveling without the kids isn’t an option! In fact they inspire us while we travel.”⠀

Travel mama, Kameko, loves showing families how to travel with young kids. For her, there's no place in this world that you can't take your kids. Follow Kameko and her family on her blog, Travel With Meko.

Travel With Meko - @travelwithmeko

19. Tribe On A Quest

“We travel because it enriches the lives of our children and exposes them to different cultures, but the truth of the matter is that we travel and tell our story because we don't see families that look like ours reflected in the travel world.”

For Christa and Marquita, raising a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder and coexisting disorders doesn’t stop them from traveling. They share resources to help traveling families travel more, even for families with special needs. Follow Christa and Marquita, and their family, on their website, Tribe On A Quest.

Tribe On A Quest - @tribeonaquest

Dive deeper into traveling and learning as a family.

Family vacation ideas for teens

Traveling with teens is a much different dynamic than traveling with younger kids. That’s why I love the family travel blogs highlighted in this section. They focus on making family travel memories with teens and older kids.

20. Outside Suburbia

“I think exposing children to the world outside the suburbs is key to having an enriched childhood. We believe travel is not about counting countries or passport stamps but making memories and cherishing them!”

For Priya, family travel doesn’t stop once the kids are older. She and her family still take family vacations to destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Follow Priya and her family on her blog, Outside Suburbia.

Outside Suburbia - @outsidesuburbia

21. The World Is A Book

“We travel to show our kids the world’s beauty, to learn about different cultures and be immersed in history. We wanted to instill [in them] the love of travel and exploration.” 

Mary has traveled to destinations all over the world with her kids, in Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Australia. She provides traveling families with tips for how to explore these destinations. Follow Mary on her blog, The World Is A Book.

The World Is A Book - @worldisabook

Read about our immersive travel experience with kids in Bali.

Travel curation and luxury family travel

Sometimes you just need someone to plan your trip for you! I love the family travel blogs in this section because they understand that sometimes parents don’t have the time or energy to plan a trip for their families. That’s why these bloggers have done the work for them.

22. GoTo Travel Guides

“We travel as a family as it’s important for to us take ‘time out’ and see the beauty the world has to offer, experience and appreciate different cultures and most importantly have fun together.⠀”

Nat and Mase’s goal is to help traveling families explore destinations as much as they can. They’re the creators of GoTo Travel Guides, an app that provides travel guides to over 40 destinations around the world! Follow Nat and Mase’s adventures on their website, GoTo Travel Guides.

GoTo Travel Guides - @natandmase

23. Unique Family Travels

“I love to show my kids the world as it’s the most amazing classroom teaching new experiences, showcasing cultures and it’s a great way to spend quality time together.”⠀

Dani and her team curate custom-made travel experiences for families, couples, and solo travelers. For families who want the trip of a lifetime, but don’t have time to do the planning, Dani is a great resource to have on hand! Follow Dani and her family on website, Unique Family Travels.

Unique Family Travels - @daniwilsonnaqvi

Check out this kid-friendly itinerary for exploring Italy.

Lifestyle and Family Travel

Travel isn’t the only thing that makes a family come together. It’s a combination of so many things.

The bloggers in this section are lifestyle bloggers who incorporate travel into their lives. Give them a follow for inspiration and tips for how to raise world-loving kids.

24. AnnMarie John

“I enjoy traveling with my daughter, not only is she an amazing travel companion but I enjoy seeing the wonder in her eyes when she visits a new country. I believe that travel is essential to a child's wellbeing, just as food and water and the memories we create together makes it all worthwhile, despite jet lags, etc.”⠀

Among this list of travel with kids blogs, AnnMarie is a Jack (or rather, a Jane) of all trades! Her blog not only covers travel, it also covers recipes, crafts, holidays, and other lifestyle topics. Follow AnnMarie and her daughter on her blog, AnnMarie John.

AnnMarie John - @theannmariejohn

25. Bash And Company

“We love traveling with our kids to seek out fun adventures, introduce new experiences and cultures, and make lasting family memories.”

Katie’s blog is all about raising young kids, with a dash of travel on the side. I love her craft and activity ideas, book recommendations, and travel tips. Follow Katie and her family on her blog, Bash and Company.

Bash and Company - @bashandco_ny

26. Raising Whasians

“The world is filled with color and the people around us should reflect that. It’s important to show my kids just how diverse the world is and to embrace it. What makes us different can bring us together.”⠀

For Christie, raising multi-cultural kids is all about doing family crafts, making recipes, and taking trips that help foster a strong family bond. Follow Christie and her family on her website, Raising Whasians.

Raising Whasians - @raisingwhasians

27. These Wild Days

“We travel with our keiki because we want them to experience that the world is so much bigger than themselves. Bigger than this island they live on. That it's bigger than they could ever imagine and full of interesting people and places. We travel with our keiki because we want them to discover the beauty and magic of the many landscapes and cultures that surround our planet.”⠀

Sometimes travel for families involves exploring their own backyard. That’s Priscilla’s approach with her blog, focusing on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i. Follow Priscilla and her family on her blog, These Wild Days.

These Wild Days - @kauailife

28. They Say Ash

“It is important for families of color to travel so that we can teach our children that the world is so much bigger than our immediate surroundings. My child will interact well with people from various cultures and walks of life because I am exposing him to the diversity of our world through travel.”⠀

Ashley is a lifestyle blogger who also writes about travel. Her travel diaries are so fun to read and will certainly inspire families to explore! Follow Ashley and her family on her blog, They Say Ash.

They Say Ash - @theysayash

29. This Mama Needs A Vacay

“We want to travel with our kids because we want to build deeper connections and memories with our children as we discover new places, people, food and things together. We want to expand their world views and minds to see how amazing this world is and how different, yet the same, we all are.”

Raj writes about her experiences as a mother, sharing about the books she loves, the products she loves, and the places she loves to visit. Her travel stories give other traveling families inspiration for how to explore new destinations. Follow Raj and her family on her blog, This Mama Needs A Vacay.

This Mama Needs A Vacay - @thismamaneedsavacay

30. Wisdom and Courage

“I want my kids to travel because I want it to be normal for them. I want them to know that although they have power to make impact, they are a small part of the bigger picture. And I want them to think globally, to see globally and to live and exist in the world with a global mindset.”

Fellow Pacific Northwest momma, Tash, is all about living courageously, whether it’s in business, parenting, or travel. She shares tips for how to connect with your family, how to enhance your business, and how to explore the world, whether far away or local. Follow Tash and her family on her blog, Wisdom and Courage.

Wisdom and Courage - @itstashhaynes

Read more about how you can raise your kids to become avid travelers here.

Other travel blogs for kids and families

As I mentioned already, there are so many great family travel blogs out there, it’s hard to narrow it down! 

Besides the blogs I’ve mentioned above, I also want to share other family travel bloggers (both POC and non-POC) that I love. Here are even more family travel bloggers worth following: 

Use these blogs as a family travel resource to help you bucket list family travel goals a reality.

Read here for tips on how to incorporate worldschooling into your family travels.

Inspiring traveling families with these travel with kids blogs

If this list of traveling families to follow is any indication, the world of family travel is about to become a lot more diverse in the coming years. Families of color and multi-cultural families are getting out and experiencing the world. And these travel with kids blogs are perfect examples of just how diverse the family travel world can be.

As I continue on my own blogging journey, I’m always looking for ways to encourage families to travel more. The educational benefits of travel (and mental health benefits!) for our kids are just so endless! There are always opportunities to learn about the world no matter where you are. These travel with kids blogs can give us the motivation we need to dream up our next travel adventures.

What family travel blog do you love to follow? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Make your own epic travel memories! Use my ebook, Hey Kids, Let’s Go Travel! as your guide to start planning your family gap year, and live the travel life you want today!

Travel With Kids Blogs! 33 Families To Follow This Year | The Wandering Daughter

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