4 Amazing Traveling Families Of Color You Need to Follow

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I wholeheartedly believe that travel doesn’t have to stop, just because you have kids. And I know I’m not alone in thinking this. Virtually every family travel blogger shares the same verbal message. Traveling with kids can be achievable for any type of family, even traveling families of color.

But look closely at the visual images on the majority of family travel blogs, travel magazines, and Instagram accounts out there, and you’ll get a completely different message.

The images on the screen tend to take on a somewhat homogeneous view, as if only certain types of families can travel. Something is missing from the visual world of family travel, and it’s traveling families of color.

This post was updated on May 2, 2020.

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Traveling in France with my family (July 2019)

Seeking out traveling families of color

I know there are families of color out there who travel. My family is one of them, and we certainly aren’t the only ones! We’ve met other traveling families of color in places like Bali and Mexico, and also in Europe.

Whether they’re Black families, Asian families, Latino families, and every ethnicity in between, there are families out there who possess a curiosity in the world. These families are dead set on experiencing the world.

So why then, do we mostly see white, not brown, faces splayed across our blogs and Instagram feeds? Why do many of the lists of best travel with kids blogs rarely feature families of color?

I’m certain this exclusion is not made out of malice. Rather, I think it’s out of lack of exposure or even awareness that diversity in the family travel social media sphere is lacking. It’s one of the many problems of travel privilege.

So in honor of Black History Month here in the United States, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to spotlight several black travel bloggers who are showing the world that family travel is indeed achievable for everyone!

I’m excited to share their stories with you. I encourage you to follow along on their adventures in travel.

Learn more about how you can raise your kids to become world travelers here.

A man and a boy, examples of traveling families of color, standing on a beach looking at a sunset with water swirling at their feet
My husband and son on the beach in Costa Rica (March 2019)

The Traveling Child

Monet is a mother of two who started her black family travel blog, The Traveling Child, to show parents that it is possible to continue traveling after kids. Through her blog, Monet shares stories of traveling with family through Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, South America, and North America. She also has a children’s book called The Traveling Child Goes To Rio de Janiero.

“We believe we are raising global citizens,” she says, “and travel is one of the best ways to be aware of the world and the different people, cultures, languages, foods, and customs that our world is made of.”

I love how this family approaches travel as an enriching and educational element to their kids’ upbringing. Their message is inspiring for all families!

“We hope our kids will make the world a better place as they are continuously interacting with different types of people, and know that great people exist everywhere,” she continues, “we believe there is so much more to learn outside of the classroom and travel provides that opportunity.”

The Traveling Child @thetravelingchild

Griggs Gone Global

By all accounts, the Griggs are a typical American family. They had three kids and a dream home. But one day, they decided to sell everything they owned to travel full-time around the world! They’re now sharing their travel stories through Instagram and on their Facebook page, Griggs Gone Global.

“Exposing our family to the world through full-time travel is important to us because it expands our consciousness and gives us exposure to a broader world,” explain the Griggs.

Their travels are taking them all over the world. They visit places like Hawaii, Costa Rica, Thailand, South Africa, Samoa, and many more. I appreciate their desire to learn about other cultures and how people live around the world.

“In our opinion,” they say, “travel is the best form of learning. We learn from other people and their culture, customs, beliefs, and history. We compare and contrast and build a worldview that can only be obtained by experience. Life is exploration and exploration is life.”

Griggs Gone Global @griggsgoneglobal

The Mom Trotter

For Karen and her husband, travel plays a big role in shaping the type of person they want their son to become.

She explains, “Travel is important for me and my family because we are raising our son to be a global citizen. We want him to be open and accepting of others most especially. We also want to expand his horizons so that he knows that the sky is the limit.”

I love this philosophy because it’s exactly what we want for our kids too! The best way to encourage our kids to become global citizens is by exposing them to different parts of the world.

Karen, one of my favorite black travel bloggers, shares her stories and travel planning tips on her blog, The Mom Trotter. She travels with her family through North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. And her black family travel blog is full of great tips for traveling with kids. She also shares how to find the right airfare or travel on a budget.

Karen is also the brains behind the site Black Kids Do Travel. This site is dedicated to promoting travel among families of color. I love her desire to share her love of travel with others!

The Mom Trotter @themomtrotter

Precious Mommy

Jeuelle, a mother of two, is a self-proclaimed travel lover. With her family, she has traveled to Dubai, Mexico, the Caribbean, and many more exciting and unique places. She shares her travel stories and travel tips on her blog, Precious Mommy.

Aside from travel, Jeuelle is also passionate about homeschooling her children. She often finds opportunities for them to learn outside of the standard classroom environment. Rather than being separate from each other, travel and homeschooling education are intertwined. To Jeuelle, they are two mutually enriching experiences. And these experiencescan help serve as a basis for her children’s education.

As for why travel is so important to her and her family, Jeuelle explains, “We are a family who enjoys homeschooling and learning as we travel the world together. We believe that investing in travel together and focusing on our adventures as a family is the best way to raise world citizens who value people and experiences over material things.”

The Precious Mommy @thepreciousmommy

Why we need more traveling families of color

Families come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities. It’s high time we promote the diversity that the family travel world has to offer!

I admire any family, regardless of their skin tone, who is not afraid to take their kids on an adventure to experience some place new. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new neighborhood in their town, or a new country halfway around the world! Exploring with your kids is the way to go.

But we do families of color a great disservice by not often sharing and promoting the stories and experiences of families that look like them. Top family travel blogs shouldn’t only be limited to white families. By not consciously promoting diversity in family travel, we perpetuate the subconscious message that traveling families of color do not belong in the world.

Take a look at other worldschooling families I’ve featured on my blog.

Children from traveling families of color swinging on tree swings on the beach, looking out at water
Playing on the beach in Indonesia (November 2019)

Seeking out more traveling families of color out in the world

These four black travel bloggers are showing the world that families of color do travel. And I think that’s amazing! I always believe that family travel is achievable for everyone. And these top family travel blogs are showing other families of color that it certainly is.

The traveling families of color highlighted in this post are just a few families of color who are making travel an important part of their lives. There are so many more diverse family blogs from families who are sharing their stories with the world. Do you follow any other traveling families of color? Share it with me in the comments below!

Traveling Families of Color - Black travel bloggers

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22 Responses

  1. Traveling as a family is the nicest thing you can do together. Sharing experiences, experiencing things together – there is nothing that leads to more together. Especially children take from this time so many raffles – so travel, live and enjoy as a family!

  2. Wonderful round up post and some of the great bloggers. Family travel is so much fun always and most memorable ones. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Interesting read and feeling the good positive vibes here. It doens’t matter what race, colour, how big the family is, everyone can travel and get on. Glad to see a lot of smiles in the photos as well, feeling the love here 🙂

  4. Hi Astrid!

    I have to admit I never really noticed this issue as traveling with kids is not my particular interest at the moment. It’s nice that you rounded up all these adventurous traveling families- I’m always impressed with parents that treat their kids as actual persons and travel companions rather than considering them as a travel obstacle (and I’ve heard it many times!).

    1. Thanks! I also think that it’s great to give them the travel bug early, so that they develop a deep and lifelong appreciation for travel.

  5. I checked out the instagram accounts and saw lots of great posts and photos. I agree about travelling being a good education. It is much more beneficial than being able to recite dates and figures from memory in my opinion.

    1. It truly is. Even as adults, we remember so much when we experience things for ourselves rather than just reading about it.

  6. Honestly when I read other blogs and travel stories I don’t even notice the color of the travelers skin because we are all world citizens looking for joy. So I guess I never noticed a lack of representation but in honor of black history month I think it’s a nice gesture.

    1. Thanks Nicole! Ultimately, you’re right, we are all citizens of the world. And it’s good to get different perspectives too.

  7. It’s a nice article and the families look lovely and have interesting things to share. I think that everybody finds its niche in the world wide web. I don’t really care if they are found in blogger lists – they seem to enjoy their travels and that’s all that matters.

  8. Some great families to follow here! I love the idea of raising global citizens – these kids are going to learn so much about life and other people. And diversity is so important too – ESPECIALLY if we’re talking about ‘global citizens’ – we are all different and unique, but united in our love for travel and exploring the world. Hats off to all the parents who travel with their kids – I hope we can do that one day!

    1. Yes, Juliette. It’s great to see parents who encourage their kids to have a broad and diverse world view.

  9. When I first decided to start my own blog and was introduced to more websites in the blogging world, I noticed too that it is not well diversified… or at least the ones I was seeing. Great post welcoming those and introducing us to many great writers!

    1. Thanks Angela! I think it’s so important to expose yourself to different perspectives whenever you can.

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